Feedback Control Systems

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Course Number/Code: 16.31 (Fall 2007)
Course Title: Feedback Control Systems
Course Level: Graduate
Offered By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Department: Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Instructor(s): Prof. Jonathan How
Course Introduction:
Syllabus OverviewIntroduction to state-space approach of analysis and control synthesis. Representation of dynamic systems; controllability and observability.Realizations of transfer functions and canonical forms.Design of state-space controllers, including pole-placement and optimal control.Introduction to the Kalman filter.Limitations on performance of control systems.Introduction to the robustness of multivariable systems.Lecture distribution.TOPICSAPPROXIMATE NUMBEROF LECTURESReview of classical synthesis techniques4State space — linear systems6Full state feedback6State estimation6Output feedback6Robustness6Goal

To teach the fundamentals of control design and analysis using state-space methods. This includes both the practical and theoretical aspects of the topic. By the end of the course, you should be able to design controllers using state-space methods and evaluate whether these controllers are robust.

Review classical control design techniques,Explore new control design techniques using state-space tools.Investigate analysis of robustness.PrerequisitesBasic understanding of how to develop system equations of motion.Classical analysis and synthesis techniques (root locus, Bode). There will be a brief review during the first 2 weeks.Course assumes a working knowledge of MATLAB®.PoliciesYou are encouraged to discuss the homework and problem sets. However, your submitted work must be your own.Homework will be handed out Fridays, due back the following Friday at 11AM, i.e. the start of class. Late homework will not be accepted unless prior approval is obtained from Prof. How. The grade on all late homework will be reduced 25% per day. No homework will be accepted for credit after the solutions have been handed out.There will hopefully be 2 Labs later in the semester that will be blended in with the homework. This will be group work, depending on the class size.For feedback and/or questions, contact me through e-mail for the best results.HomeworkWeekly problem sets — handed out on Fridays (due following week).Two labs will be graded as part of the homework.Midterm #1Midterm #2Final examCourse GradesGrading criteria.ACTIVITIESPERCENTAGESHomework30%Two midterms (15% each)30%Final exam40%Recommended Citation

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