Courses of Systems Engineering

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Principles of Automatic ControlUndergraduate
Techniques for Structural Analysis and DesignUndergraduate
Estimation and Control of Aerospace SystemsUndergraduate
Feedback Control SystemsGraduate
Stochastic Estimation and ControlGraduate
Principles of Optimal ControlGraduate
Aircraft Stability and ControlGraduate
Human Supervisory Control of Automated SystemsGraduate
Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support EngineeringGraduate
Air Traffic ControlGraduate
Engineering Design and Rapid PrototypingUndergraduate
Engineering Design and Rapid PrototypingUndergraduate
Space Systems EngineeringUndergraduate
Satellite EngineeringGraduate
Engineering Systems Analysis for DesignGraduate
Engineering Risk-Benefit AnalysisGraduate
Aircraft Systems EngineeringGraduate
Aircraft Systems EngineeringGraduate