Courses of Medical Informatics

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Biomedical Signal and Image ProcessingGraduate
Medical ComputingGraduate
Medical Decision SupportGraduate
Medical Decision SupportGraduate
Introduction to Modeling and SimulationUndergraduate
Introduction to Ionizing RadiationUndergraduate
Seminar: Fusion and Plasma PhysicsUndergraduate
Introduction to Applied Nuclear PhysicsUndergraduate
Nuclear Systems Design ProjectUndergraduate / Graduate
Neutron Science and Reactor PhysicsUndergraduate
Principles of Medical ImagingUndergraduate / Graduate
Applied Nuclear PhysicsGraduate
Applied Nuclear PhysicsGraduate
Microscopic Theory of TransportUndergraduate
Electromagnetic InteractionsGraduate
Neutron Interactions and ApplicationsGraduate
Systems Analysis of the Nuclear Fuel CycleUndergraduate / Graduate
Engineering of Nuclear ReactorsGraduate
Thermal Hydraulics in Power TechnologyGraduate
Structural Mechanics in Nuclear Power TechnologyGraduate