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Gödel, Escher, BachUndergraduate
Introduction to Western MusicUndergraduate
Introduction to World MusicUndergraduate
Fundamentals of MusicUndergraduate
Introduction to Musical CompositionUndergraduate
Developing Musical StructuresUndergraduate
Early MusicUndergraduate
Introduction to Anglo-American Folk MusicUndergraduate
Schubert to DebussyUndergraduate
Modern Music: 1900-1960Undergraduate
Music Since 1960Undergraduate
Symphony and ConcertoUndergraduate
Music of IndiaUndergraduate
Music of AfricaUndergraduate
Popular Musics of the WorldUndergraduate
Harmony and Counterpoint IUndergraduate
Harmony and Counterpoint IIUndergraduate
Musical AnalysisUndergraduate
Composing with Computers I (Electronic Music Composition)Undergraduate
Vocal Repertoire and Performance: African American ComposersUndergraduate / Graduate